Esme’s update

In November 2018, when she was just a year old, Esmé was diagnosed with Ependymoma II, a cancer based in the tissue of the nervous system.

After continuous bouts of sickness in the morning, an MRI confirmed the terrible news. Esmé was swiftly moved to Addenbrookes, where she had surgery and then began an intensive programme of chemotherapy.

It was during her hospital visits, that Esmé received one of our warmable teddies. According to Wendy, her mum, it put a huge smile on her face.

In January this year, Esmé had an MRI which shows no residual cancer, and no signs of reoccurrence. Although she still has a long way to go until she has an ‘all clear’, it was the best possible news for this courageous girl and her family in the new year.

Esmé with her cuddly bear
Sayuri With Teddy


Sayuri was so delighted to receive her warmable teddy. She loves cuddling her soft toys and never goes to hospital without them.

Audrey With Teddy


Still undergoing chemotherapy, with all the expected side effects. Her warmable teddy bear brings much-needed comfort when she’s feeling a bit down or tired.

Esme With Teddy Bear


Esmé was delighted to receive her soft, cuddly bear. It arrived on her birthday, which falls just before Christmas, making it an extra-special present.

Young Boy With Cancer


Omarni is doing really well and has had his Hickman line removed. It’s now almost a year since his transplant and the future is looking so much more positive.