Cancer Kits

We offer free Cancer Kits to people currently undergoing treatment as a practical aid to recovery.

We have Cancer Kits, Chemo Kits, Comfort Kits (for 65 + years only) and Kids’ Kits, which we supply free of charge. The Kits include practical items for people receiving cancer treatment and can be ordered for yourself or for a friend.

Chemo Kits

Our Chemo Kits are designed specifically to help people undergoing chemotherapy. They contain items to offset some of the unpleasant side effects of treatment, like cold hands and feet, nausea, and sensitive teeth.

Cancer Kits

Our general Cancer Kits are designed to help adults who are not receiving chemotherapy but are undergoing another form of cancer treatment. They contain items like puzzle books to relieve boredom, relaxing pillow spray to aid sleep, and toiletries to use on the go.

Kids' Kits

Our Kids’ Kits are designed to brighten the days of children living with cancer and undergoing treatment. They contain small toys and colouring sets to help entertain and pass the time in hospital, and practical items like cosy socks and antibacterial wipes.

Comfort Kits

Our Comfort Kits are designed for older cancer patients (aged 65+). The Kit contains items that provide warmth and comfort, such as heat pads to ease aches that may come as a result of treatment, and a travel pillow to make spells in hospital that bit easier.

“My dad received a Chemo Kit yesterday, and it totally lifted his mood. Thank you so much. It’s the first time I have heard happiness in his voice for a considerable time.” – Andrea