Thank you for your support

How your support has helped people on their cancer journey

For people with cancer, life is more often than not spent receiving treatment in hospitals and hospices. Whether it’s coping with the impact of a diagnosis, or the emotional turmoil and physical discomfort of treatment, life remains incredibly tough.

But you reached out with your support, helping people to realise they were not alone – and that someone cared. Here, we look at just a few of the people you’ve helped us to support over the last year.

We cannot thank you enough.

Elodie's Story

Elodie with CSUK bunny

Six year old Elodie was one of the children who received a warmable bunny thanks to your support of our Easter appeal.

Jos's Story

Jo chemo thumbs up

Jos was so touched with the arrival of her Chemo Kit funded by your support. It brought a little relief and distraction during treatment.

Lynne's Story

Your support has also enabled us to run Cancer Coach groups throughout the UK. See how Cancer Coach has helped Lynne during life after cancer.

Meet Charlene, a Cancer Coach facilitator

“I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer) in 2011, and underwent a gruelling operation meaning I had to learn to walk again. As you can imagine, the journey to recovery was long and incredibly hard, both physically and emotionally.

It was because I understood the importance of support after my discharge that I became a Cancer Coach. So today I help run groups for people who have reached the end of their cancer treatment.

The groups offer a chance to explore helpful techniques with others who are post treatment, in an environment in which they’re free to express their fears and anxieties with people who understand, better than anyone, what they’re going through.”

Find out more about Cancer Coach for yourself or a loved one.

Charlene cancer coach facilitator
Fill a Cancer Kit Items

Cancer Kits update

2022 has been another bumper year for sending out Cancer Kits! So far, we have dispatched 2,325 Cancer Kits to help support people during their treatment.

This has included 1,392 Chemo Kits, and also specialist kits to support children and elderly people through their cancer journey.

Each Kit costs £25 to fill and dispatch. With your support our aim is to send out a total of 4,500 Kits by the end of 2022.

We’re here to help

If you or someone you know needs cancer support, please explore the rest of our website, call 020 3983 7616 or email us at


  • Cancer Coach is our free support group programme for anyone who has completed their physical cancer treatment. Held over the phone or online video, groups are run by trained facilitators and take place once a week for 6 weeks. Talk to others who understand what it’s like – as they have experienced cancer too. Find out more.


  • We offer a range of free Cancer Kits to people currently undergoing treatment as a practical aid to recovery. The Kits include practical items for people receiving cancer treatment and can be ordered for yourself or for a friend. Order a Cancer Kit.