Thank you for helping people with cancer

Jos's Story

Jos was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41 in 2020. Although she put on a brave face at the appointment, she was shocked to the core because she felt so well at the time. She was soon on a gruelling treatment journey of chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

Jos knew about Cancer Support UK through her previous role as a children’s cancer nurse, and ordered a Chemo Kit. She was so grateful when it arrived. She loved most of all the toasty warm socks, which really helped keep her feet warm, and also the toothpaste which soothed her sensitive teeth during chemo.

Unfortunately, five months after her diagnosis, Jos got the worst news – the cancer had spread to her spine, and is terminal. Thanks to her faith, and her love of singing and writing music, she remains positive, determined to give hope to other people living with terminal cancer, and to remind them to keep living for tomorrow.

Every day, your support allows us to send out these Kits to cancer patients throughout the UK, bringing a smile to their faces at the lowest point in their lives.


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