“It’s the most extraordinary gift. I have my life back again.” – John Lawrence story update

John LawrenceMy cancer journey began in 2021, when I started having difficulty swallowing. I underwent a series of emergency tests and received the worst possible news. I had a malignant tumour in my throat, which although treatable was deemed no longer curable.

My best hope was treatment to prolong the time I had left…The surgeon had told me that it would be unusual for me to be around in one to two year’s time.

Further tests were conducted and the oncologist confirmed that I was HER2 Negative and PD-L1 negative, which meant I was not suitable for Immunotherapy. At this point there were very few remaining treatment options left – just chemotherapy and possibly radiotherapy.

John LawrenceAfter a bout of COVID and pleurisy, chemotherapy began. It was a daunting, energy draining process and eventually I began to lose my hair, so I shaved the remaining hair off.

Messages from friends, supporters and players from my team Reading Football Club and former RAF colleagues boosted my morale so much.

As did the arrival of my Chemo Kit, which could not have come at a better time. The toothpaste helped soothe the sensitivity of my teeth, the mouthwash took away the horrid taste in my mouth, and the thick socks helped keep my feet warm.

John LawrenceWhen you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, it’s often the little things that can make all the difference. The Chemo Kit definitely did that for me.
So thank you everyone for thinking of me when I was at my lowest point. The Chemo Kit made such a difference and lifted my spirits so much.

Following my fourth round of chemo, I received some positive news – the chemotherapy had taken effect. The lymph node near the tumour had shrunk back to normal and a distant node was reduced in size (almost by half). The previously thickened oesophageal wall had returned to normal size.

After the eighth cycle, the news was even better. My body had a complete metabolic response to the chemotherapy treatment and had returned to its normal physiological state. In other words the tumour had melted completely away and there was no longer a need for Radiotherapy.

John Lawrence“I’m now at the stage where all I need is regular monitoring. For someone who was facing the very real prospect of death, it’s the most extraordinary gift. I have my life back again.”

John is just one of many who’ve received kits made possible by your generosity. Sadly, there are still thousands of patients undergoing treatment in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. For them, the arrival of a Cancer or Chemo Kit can prove such a boost, the lift they need at the most difficult time. If you can send a gift today, we can help even more people. Thank you.

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