Cancer Support Ambassador Autumn training course dates

Cancer Support Ambassador Certificate of attendance


Cancer Support UK is inviting you to enrol on its Cancer Support Ambassador Autumn open training courses.

Developed by Cancer Support UK specifically to give individuals in an organisation the confidence and skills to support colleagues facing cancer, the Cancer Support Ambassador training provides a high-level introduction to cancer and cancer treatments.

Up to three people from one organisation can join the half day course, which covers the physical and emotional side effects of both cancer and cancer treatments. Most importantly, it contains tools and strategies that equip workplace Cancer Support Ambassadors with the necessary skills to have supportive conversations with individuals experiencing emotional turmoil due to or caused by the effects of cancer.

• Tuesday 18 October 1pm to 4pm
• Tuesday 15 November 10am to 1pm

“Employers have such an important role to play in supporting people with cancer and their carers,” says Head of Learning and Development, Olivia Gray. “For many people with cancer, going to work gives a sense of normality to their lives and can be an aid to recovery, as well as being a financial necessity. Having supportive co-workers can make all the difference to someone who has just received a diagnosis. This is where the Cancer Support Ambassador training can make all the difference.”

For more information/to book on the course, contact Olivia Gray directly on 07763630954 or email: – the courses are open to all organisations or individual professionals but spaces are limited.