Cancer Coach online referral form now available for healthcare professionals

Healthcare professional with patient

Cancer Coach is our free support group programme for anyone who has completed their physical cancer treatment. Held over the phone and online video, groups are run by trained facilitators and take place once a week for six weeks. The course enables people to talk to others who understand their emotions, as they have experienced cancer too.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to refer someone to Cancer Coach, you can do now do so online using a new referral form, which is simple and quick to complete.

If the individual you are referring is due to complete treatment in the near future, you are still welcome to make a referral, however please note that while they will be contacted following on from your referral, they will only be eligible to take part in a group once their treatment has finished.

Cancer Coach groups are designed for those who were diagnosed with an early stage cancer (stage 3 or less). If the individual you are referring was diagnosed with a stage 4/secondary cancer then the individual is likely to require more intensive support than our groups can provide.

If you are unsure whether Cancer Coach would be suitable for the individual you are referring then please contact us on 020 3983 7616 or email us at