A cuddly bear helps Link face Christmas in hospital


Hospital is no place for a child to spend Christmas. Yet for a child with cancer, there is no other choice than to remain in hospital while receiving treatment. This is why Cancer Support UK is sending 1,500 gorgeous cuddly bears to children’s cancer wards across the UK, to help make Christmas extra special for those children.

The warmable Christmas teddies can bring a child comfort when they need it most and Cancer Support UK has been busy contacting hospitals and hospices to arrange for the bears to reach children that need a cuddle the most.

Caring staff at the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, alerted Cancer Support UK to the case of one child in particular, who needed a special bear hug – right now.

Cancer patient Link Simpson with his Cancer Support UK Warmies bear

Cancer patient Link Simpson with his Cancer Support UK Warmies bear

Gemma Holding, Cancer Support UK’s CEO, said:

“When we heard about this brave little boy, Link, who is having a really tough ride with cancer, we decided to send him an early surprise gift in the shape of Charlie, our Cancer Support UK bear ambassador.”

Link was just 20 months old when he was diagnosed with cancer in October 2019 after he developed a lump in his thigh. He has spent much of his life having treatment and went into remission last year, but unfortunately in May this year, the cancer returned and is incurable. Link’s treatment plan is now to prolong his life and stabilise the cancer.

Link’s mum, Clare Thrasher, is planning to make Christmas very special this year for Link and his two sisters, Millie and Sophie. Clare said: “Link loves the idea of Santa and keeps singing his favourite Christmas songs, Last Christmas and All I want for Christmas. He has circled lots of toys in the Smyths catalogue for both Christmas and his birthday.”

Cancer patient Link Simpson with his Cancer Support UK Warmies bearLink loves his new bear which can be warmed up to help soothe and comfort him. The teds being delivered to children like Link can provide stress and anxiety relief, promote restful sleep, and are perfectly weighted to provide a calming and positive sensory experience.

In 2020 we helped 4,952 people during their cancer journey, and as a small charity who receive no government support, you are a vital part of our work. For example, a donation of £5 could pay for a pair of toasty warm socks, included in our Kids’Kit, to help with the common side-effect of cold feet during cancer treatment. Please help us send more Kids’ Kits out to children like Link by making a donation – thank you.