Let’s talk about cancer

Cancer will affect one in two people, so it’s vital that you and your team are prepared when this happens at work.

Whatever your industry, and whatever the size of organisation, we can help you communicate about cancer in the right way.

Cancer Support UK trainers have extensive experience of delivering cancer information and awareness to a wide range of audiences. View our training options below.

Workplace Cancer Support Ambassador (from £150 per person + VAT)

A workshop, which provides tools and strategies to enable individuals to give emotional support to someone affected by cancer

This half-day course aims to support people who have come forward to fulfil an extra-curricular or volunteer role in an organisation as a Cancer Support Ambassador. Similar to the role of the Mental Health First Aider (MHFA), this is separate to any HR function and is purely an emotional, signposting and supportive role. The workshop provides a high-level introduction to cancer and cancer treatments, the physical and emotional side effects of both cancer and cancer treatments, as well as providing the tools to support someone who has been affected by cancer. The course also provides tools around resilience and looking after your own wellbeing following difficult conversations.

Open Workplace Cancer Support Ambassador course dates

*Wednesday 6 December 1pm-4pm

This is what Mondelēz employees said about the Cancer Support Ambassador training:

• “It felt like a very safe space to discuss the topic, and I feel better equipped to support someone facing cancer, whether they are a friend or family member.”
• “A very helpful guide to awareness and training.”
• “The training was really thought provoking and delivered extremely well. Thank you for making this training available.”
• “I thoroughly enjoyed the training. Being a Cancer Ambassador will enable me to support/advise colleagues, family and friends.”
• “The training was brilliant. I feel very happy to become a Cancer Ambassador and will do my very best to help support friends, colleagues and their families.”
• “Great training today and a fabulous interactive team. Great to become a Cancer Ambassador and to be able to support and help colleagues, friends and family.”
• “Very pleased to be part of this scheme. Hopefully we can help make a difficult situation a little easier to navigate.”

Communicating about cancer workshop

Suitable for all levels, our Communicating about Cancer training is a two-hour workshop, covering the following subjects, and more:

  • Basic cancer awareness
  • Side effects of cancer and cancer treatments
  • Physical and emotional side effects of cancer
  • Confidence in talking to people living with cancer
  • What’s helpful to say and what’s not so helpful
  • Looking after your own emotional wellbeing

Cost of course:

£975 + VAT

Attendee capacity:

Up to 12 delegates

This course conforms to WCAG standards (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Communication Workshop Online

Learning online

We have a range of short, flexible online learning resources – both for the workplace in general and for customer-facing roles:

  • E-learning courses last just 35-45 minutes
  • They can be completed in your own time
  • Courses designed for customer-facing roles
  • Courses designed for ‘in the workplace’
  • Industry-specific, scenario-based learning

We’re offering one manager within your organisation a trial place on our new e-learning course.

Introduction to communicating about cancer - one hour session (£500 + VAT)

The Introduction to communicating about cancer can be open to the whole organisation and is a high level, one-hour session that covers:

* Introduction to cancer and some of its causes

* The physical and emotional side effects of cancer

* Tools to have better conversations around cancer

* Looking after yourself following difficult conversations

Customer Testimonial

Stobart Energy recently used our e-learning courses and found the training valuable to their work:

“The techniques discussed can be used in a whole range of issues/situations.”

“It was really helpful to understand not to fall into the trap of relating things to your own experience. I just hadn’t considered that before, to just listen.”

“When I completed it I found it very helpful. If I’m honest, I also found it reassuring that I’ve been handling things correctly with the three drivers currently affected by cancer.”

Why is cancer awareness training important?

Sharon had a bad experience in the workplace while she navigated her cancer journey. She has since finished treatment, participated in our Cancer Coach support group programme, and joined a new employer who was better equipped for cancer affecting employees and customers:

“My previous employer should have taken more time to check my needs before I returned to work, and during my return. Some colleagues clearly felt a bit awkward and stayed away.

I think a lot of people still have certain perceptions of cancer that are incorrect. I do feel like I was neglected in my previous workplace.”

We can help your organisation to become cancer aware.