“The Kids Kit that Esmé received from Cancer Support UK was a ray of sunshine.” – Esme’s story

In November 2018, when she was only a year old, Esmé was diagnosed with a Grade II Ependymoma, which is a type of tumour that can occur in the brain or the spine.

Ependymomas have numerous symptoms, including feeling or being sick. Esmé had been sick every morning and an MRI confirmed the bad news.

Esmé was moved to Addenbrookes where she remained for nine weeks while receiving surgery, followed by an intensive programme of chemotherapy, which lasted until May 2020.

This meant Esmé spending many weeks apart from her brother and sisters. On top of this, only one parent was allowed to be with her most of the time because of Covid restrictions.

Esmé’s mum Wendy describes the roller coaster emotional journey, which followed Esme’s diagnosis:

“Receiving the news was heartbreaking and the journey we have walked beside our baby girl has been terrifying.

Esmé in hospital“We have watched everything she has had to endure and all with no guarantees of success.”

It was during the most difficult period of her treatment, when she was spending days and nights in hospital, that Esmé received her Kids’ Kit.

According to Wendy it put a huge smile on Esme’s face, which gave the rest of the family a positive boost:

“The Kids Kit that Esmé received from Cancer Support UK was a ray of sunshine. It was such a special gift, showing that people cared and we are very grateful.”

Although her treatment is finished, Esmé’s cancer journey is far from over. She still has her Hickman line in and for the next six years she will continue to have regular MRIs, as there is a chance the cancer may come back.

But, as Wendy says, Esmé is an extremely resilient child who is determined to live life to the full:

“Esmé is outgoing, bubbly and smiley – a character who draws others in – and she has the most infectious laugh. She is very caring and loves to be cuddled and hold hands.”

Esmé with her cuddly bearFor Christmas 2021, Esmé was delighted to receive a soft cuddly bear from Cancer Support UK. It arrived on her 5th birthday, which falls just before Christmas, making it an extra special present. It was just the comfort she needed after such a difficult journey.

“Thank you so much. Esmé absolutely loves her snuggle teddy.”

In January 2022, Esmé received the best possible news with which to start the new year – her most recent MRI scan result was clear. But her Cancer Support UK cuddly bear is still there for her when she needs it.

Esmé's latest scan was clearIf you can, please reach out to a child like Esmé, by making a donation and helping us send out our Kids’ Kits to children who need them the most. Your gift could also help buy Cancer Kits for adults undergoing cancer treatment, giving them the comfort of knowing that other people care.