A Cancer Kit gave Ruth a big morale boost at a low point in her life – Ruth’s Cancer Kit story

Ruth, 50, was diagnosed with breast cancer and applied for a Cancer Kit from Cancer Support UK to help with her surgery and radiotherapy treatment.

“When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I felt like my whole world had ended. I just wanted it out of me, this thing.”

The arrival of our general Cancer Kit at such a low point in Ruth’s life, provided her with a big morale boost. Knowing that people cared for her helped her self-esteem.

“The parcel I received was lovely. Inside it were all sorts of practical items to make me feel better. There were journals, herbal tea bags and even a coloring book. Everything to help me pass the time while I was waiting around for treatment. I particularly like the lavender spray for my bed. I spray it on my pillow to help me sleep at night.”

Ruth received surgery followed by radiotherapy and found the whole experience lonely and isolating.

“Some friends didn’t understand and other friends were just marvellous and would take me to my regular treatments.

“It’s really important that you are supported both during and after treatment has finished. Because that is the point where everything stops and you’re left wondering what’s going to happen next. Having your friends and peers around you helps you cope with that.

“It’s also beneficial to talk to somebody who’s been through what you’ve experienced. So you know that you’re not the only one who has all those challenging feelings and emotions.”

Ruth Osman and her childrenPeer support is something our Cancer Coach support group service can provide to anyone who is struggling emotionally post treatment – the Cancer Coach programme is designed to help people who are experiencing anxiety and loss of confidence.

The general Cancer Kit, which Ruth received from Cancer Support UK, is designed to help adults who are not receiving chemotherapy, but who are undergoing another form of cancer treatment. They contain items like puzzle books to relieve boredom, a relaxing pillow spray to aid sleep and toiletries to use while receiving treatment.

Ruth is just one of many people who’ve received kits made possible by your generosity. Sadly, there are still thousands of patients undergoing treatment in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. For them, the arrival of a Cancer Kit or Chemo Kit can provide a much needed boost at a difficult time. If you can send a gift today, we can help even more people. Thank you.