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Imelda's Story

Imelda was 48 when she was diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer. On the day of the appointment, she was not expecting bad news and hadn’t taken her husband along. She found herself completely alone with the diagnosis, shocked and devastated. 

Imelda has since been through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Just before she started chemotherapy, a Chemo Kit from Cancer Support UK arrived full of all sorts of goodies and useful items. The lemon sherbets became her favourite sweets because they were the only thing that tasted normal when she was undergoing chemo. Ginger tea helped soothe her nausea, while cosy socks warmed her feet during bitterly cold winter weather. Most of all, it was knowing that someone cared that brought comfort.

Now aged 50, Imelda has almost finished her treatment programme. Having made friends with other cancer patients, she’s acutely aware of the importance of having support around you during recovery.

Don’t sit on your own feeling isolated. Get chatting to people who are – or have been through – a similar situation to you.”

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