“Courage and smiles throughout her treatment.” – Jodie’s story

Jodie in hospitalA diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in October 2020 turned the life of a happy and caring 11 year old and her family upside down almost overnight.

Mum Tanya says: “The week before diagnosis, Jodie became extremely tired and lethargic. She had been at secondary school for just three weeks. The diagnosis was the scariest and most unreal moment for us and Jodie.”

In the months that followed, Jodie had countless lumbar puncture, bone marrow tests, plus all kinds of chemotherapy and steroids.

In April 2021, she had two rounds of Blinatumomab, which is an immunotherapy. This removed almost all the diseased cells.

It was during this tough time that Tanya ordered Jodie a Kids’ Kit from Cancer Support UK to help her get through the difficult ordeal.

Kids’ Kits are designed to help children who are undergoing cancer treatment.

12 year old cancer patient JodieThey are free of charge and contain items like small toys and colouring sets to help pass the time in hospital, as well as practical items like cosy socks and antibacterial wipes. “Jodie loves the activity word search and her notebook and pen. She also still uses the tote bag regularly.”

Jodie’s mum is so proud of how bravely Jodie has coped with her cancer treatment:

“Jodie has been very grown up throughout and takes everything in her stride. She only turned 12 in August this year and returned to school in September. Jodie has shown courage and smiles throughout.

“I’m not sure how we have all coped. We just have to think positive and try and stay strong for Jodie. She is a lot tougher than me though and deals with everything so well.”

“She’s very clever and loves reading and all aspects of school, so it was important for her to get back to see all her class mates and to carry on with her learning. Her favorite classes are history and science, and reading is her favorite hobby.”

Despite ongoing treatment, Jodie was able to spend a couple of peaceful days with her family at home last Christmas. Her mum hopes that it will all be a lot more relaxed this Christmas.

December 2021 update:

Tanya sent us this update on Jodie’s progress:

“Jodie is four months into her maintenance treatment stage, which continues until February 2023. Daily She is on chemo tablets daily and for one in every four weeks she takes steroids for five days, which make her feel tired, increases her appetite and plays with her emotions. So Jodie doesn’t like them that much. Every one in four months we visit John Radcliffe hospital where she has a lumbar puncture, she’s so brave  and takes it all in her stride. She has a nurse visit her once a week to check bloods, do dressing changes and to check how she’s doing.”

We’ve sent Jodie a very special Warmies bear to say well done for being so courageous.

Cancer Support UK offers free Cancer Kits (including Kids’ Kits, Chemo Kits and Cancer Kits), as a practical aid to recovery, for people currently undergoing cancer treatment. The Kits can be ordered for yourself, or on behalf of a friend from Cancer Support UK.