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Big Ginger Social
Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these answers help you on your way to hosting a Big Ginger Social event. If you’d like to have a further chat about your event and any ideas you have, please email us on: biggingersocial@cancersupportuk.org

  • What if coronavirus restrictions mean there’s another lockdown when I host my Big Ginger Social event in September?
    Although we hope that people will be able to hold their events in-person, we always want you to prioritise the health of yourself and those around you by following any government guidelines that are in place.For this reason, if another lockdown occurs we would love to see your Big Ginger Social going ahead but by using online platforms rather than getting everyone together in person. Our JustGiving campaign is useful for raising money online, as you can share your fundraising page with family, friends and co-workers on social media, messaging apps and email.
  • When should I start planning my Big Ginger Social?
    Start planning your event now rather than later! If you are signed up to receive Big Ginger Social emails, we will make sure to send out lots of top tips and useful advice to help ensure you are able to plan every aspect of your event so that it’s successful in September. 
  • Do I need to throw my Big Ginger Social event in September?
    We’ve dedicated all of September to be filled with ginger and fun, so please make sure to hold your event at any time during the month of September, so that all donations can be made before October. This will mean the funds you raised can be used to deliver free Cancer Kits to UK cancer patients in the second half of 2021.
  • Why should I host a Big Ginger Social? There’s another well-known charity that runs a coffee morning. Persuade me!
    Our services have been designed to be different from other charities, and so we don’t compete with them – we only try to provide support where it’s truly needed and where it isn’t currently being provided by other organisations. In fact, we really appreciate what other cancer charities do. Our hope is that you can see value in what our Cancer Kits mean to people with cancer, and that this motivates you to run a Big Ginger Social. The money you raise will help us reach more people facing cancer treatment.
  • Who should I host at my Big Ginger Social?
    We’d love for your Big Ginger Social to be as inclusive as possible, so please invite anyone you think would love a bit of ginger cake and a natter! You could invite workmates, either virtually or in person. You could invite your tight-knit friend group and turn up the tunes. You could hold a family get-together to remember a family member who you may have lost to cancer. You could run a Big Ginger Social to celebrate your birthday whilst raising money for a good cause. Perhaps you’re part of a community group or school/university club? A Big Ginger Social would be great for you too!
  • Any tips to fundraise effectively?
    Absolutely! We have created a Big Ginger Social Fundraising Tips PDF which gives information and advice on how to raise money both online and offline. You can find it here.
  • Can you support me with creating my Big Ginger Social?
    If you sign up for a free fundraising pack, we’ll send you regular emails with tips, ideas and downloadable goodies for your event. It will be up to you to plan the specifics of your unique Big Ginger Social, but we are always here if you need support and would like to chat about your ideas.
  • How will the funds I raise through my Big Ginger Social help people with cancer?
    The money you raise will go towards funding Cancer Kits, which are carefully-curated Kits for adults and children with cancer. Our general Cancer Kit is designed for people undergoing any form of cancer treatment, our Chemo Kit is tailored to people going through chemotherapy, and our Kids’ Kit has been crafted for children with cancer. Every Kit is free of charge for people going through cancer treatment, and is crammed full of practical items that have been chosen based on the insights of people with first-hand experience of cancer treatment. Each Kit costs us £25 to fill, so your donations will help to make sure that we can continue to send out free Cancer Kits to even more people with cancer across the UK.  
  • How much do I need to raise through my Big Ginger Social?
    There’s no minimum, and every little truly does help. The money you raise will help us send out free Cancer Kits to adults and children undergoing cancer treatment. Each Cancer Kit costs us £25, and so for every £25 you raise, you’ll support us to send a Cancer Kit to someone who needs it.
  • Does my Big Ginger Social really have to be ginger-themed?
    Yes, but please be creative and interpret the theme in your own way! If you don’t like ginger, perhaps ask your Big Ginger Social guests to wear orange clothing, or create a game that involves drawing your dislike for ginger on paper – whatever works for you! This event can be run in any way you like, so have fun with it and enjoy using your uniqueness to tackle the ginger theme.
  • How can I send you the money I raise?
    If you raise money through our JustGiving Big Ginger Social campaign, it will be sent straight to us. You will just need to make sure that you send any other in-person donations raised during your event to us. For in-person donations you can:

Send us a cheque
An easy way to get your money to us is to pop a cheque in the post to:

Cancer Support UK
71-75 Shelton Street

Please enclose your donation form, sponsorship forms, and any fun details you think we should know about your amazing Big Ginger Social event!

– Donate by telephone
You can also donate by making a one-off credit or debit card payment over the phone, by contacting our Head Office on 020 7470 8755

– Donate online
Send us your Big Ginger Social funds from the comfort of your own home by simply making a donation through our website.

  • How long after my Big Ginger Social can I continue fundraising for?
    You can fundraise all throughout September, but please send the money you raise to us through your event before October. Also, don’t forget to send any lovely pictures and videos of your Big Ginger Social our way – we’d love to see your take on the Big Ginger Social! If you enjoy raising money for Cancer Support UK by hosting a Big Ginger Social, there will many more future opportunities you can get involved in.