‘Cuddles’ the bear delivers bedtime warmth to Tiernan


On Christmas eve 2021, three year old Tiernan’s parents received confirmation that their little boy had a Wilms’ tumor, also known as nephroblastoma – a cancer of the kidneys that typically occurs in children.

Tiernan’s mum, Ursula, had found a lump on his tummy just three days earlier.

The Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast didn’t waste any time and Tiernan, who will be four in May this year, was swiftly treated with both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The tumour and the kidney were then removed in February 2022. Further chemo treatment will continue until September.

Tiernan in hospitalTiernan’s dad, Patrick, says the family is supporting each other through the treatment:

“We are coping as best we can, but we are very positive. We know that Tiernan will be ok at the end of this. He is receiving the best care from an amazing team at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Our family and friends are all extremely supportive, helping us whenever they can.”

The youngest of four children, Tiernan is an outgoing and funny child who enjoys playing with his brothers Fionntan (10), Cillian (7) and sister Cassie (12).

Tiernan enjoying pizza in hospitalAs the ‘baby’ of the family Tiernan is used to getting his own way, but is a very loving and affectionate boy. Visits to the park and the cinema are high on his list of favourite activities, as well as playing Roblox on his ipad and watching kids YouTube.

Patrick says: “Tiernan loves the bear given to him by Cancer Support UK and has named him ‘Cuddles’. He takes the ted to bed with him every night. Cuddles has been a real comfort to him and Tiernan enjoys the bear’s warmth at bedtime.”

How you can help

Tiernan’s ted was funded thanks to the generosity of Cancer Support UK’s supporters. If you’ve been touched by Tiernan’s journey, please can you help us to send Kids’ Kits, featuring warmable teds, like the one received by Tiernan, to other children undergoing cancer treatment. Your kindness will help to send a smile to so many children with cancer and that’s something they’ll never forget. To support us, please visit our donation page and make a donation. Thank you.