Cancer Support UK launches Unique New Service

Cancer Support UK is delighted to launch a new service this month, which isn’t currently offered anywhere else. The charity will be offering three kinds of Cancer Kits, supplied free of charge, to people receiving cancer treatment. They are specially designed to support people during a time that can be extremely physically and emotionally stressful. The three kinds of kit are the general Cancer Kit, the Chemo Kit and the Kids’ Kit, each designed with different people’s needs in mind.

The Cancer Kits are designed to help anyone living with cancer. They contain items like puzzle books to help relieve boredom, relaxing pillow spray to aid more peaceful sleep, and travel sized toiletries to use on the go. The Chemo Kits help to offset some of the unpleasant side effects of cancer treatment, like cold extremities, nausea and sensitive teeth. The Kids’ Kits are tailor-made for children. They contain small and easy to carry toys, books and colouring sets, to brighten the days of children having to spend large amounts of time in hospital, and some practical things like cosy socks and antibacterial wipes.

The Cancer Kits have already proved really popular, with feedback from users emphasising what a welcome gift they are during a tough time.

“It was so thoughtful of you to send these lovely Kits to our young patients… the children were delighted to receive such bright, cheerful Kids’ Kits, which helped make their stay as happy as possible” – Caroline, Kate, Tanya and Claire, Hospital Play Specialists.

Cancer Kits can be ordered for yourself or for friends and family members through the Cancer Support UK website. They can be a great way to show someone you care, whilst providing them with useful and practical items.

To order a Kit, please visit the ‘Cancer Kits’ tab at the top of this page.

Press Contact: Lilith King Taylor, Cancer Support UK
Tel: 020 7470 8755