Sarita Yaganti


Sarita has over 15 years’ experience of improving cancer services across London and a wide-ranging knowledge of patient pathways and treatment modalities from early diagnosis to palliative care and end of life. She understands the enormous psychological and physical impact cancer has on patients and their world around them; from the moment a cancer diagnosis is given, to support needed once treatment ends.

For the last 5 years, Sarita has focused on developing and implementing key strategic improvements for Londoners living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. By working closely with patients and their carers and those that deliver cancer care, a project she led was finalist for two major healthcare awards and is currently being implemented across London. Sarita is now leading on a cancer programme across North Central London to improve quality of life and patient satisfaction by empowering and supporting cancer patients and their carers to make informed choices about their ongoing care and health and wellbeing across the entire pathway.

Sarita is a “massive” space geek, an avid traveller and lover of board games.