Tyler’s Story

Tyler was only a year old when he started to feel extremely unwell. He lost his appetite, was often sick and regularly complained to his mum Katie that his head hurt.

Following numerous trips to their GP and A&E, the family finally got to the bottom of Tyler’s symptoms in January 2019. Tyler had a stage three cancerous brain tumour. He was immediately admitted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the skilled surgeons were successful in removing all of the tumour.

After the operation, Tyler required a regime of proton beam therapy. He and his family travelled to Jacksonville, USA where the treatment was available for a child so young.

Upon returning to the UK in the summer after the first treatment, Tyler, now two years old, began chemotherapy. During this time, his mum Katie came across our Kids’ Kits, and ordered one for her son. Its arrival brought much needed joy and distraction as Tyler underwent treatment, and his favourite item was the heatable bunny. The bunny is not only soft and cuddly, but can also be warmed up, providing extra comfort when treatment gets tough.

The chemotherapy treatment has now finished and according to Katie, Tyler “has got his smile back”. Looking ahead, Tyler will continue to have regular scans and the family are hopeful the tumour won’t return.

Our Kids’ Kits brighten the days of children living with cancer and undergoing treatment. They contain small toys and colouring sets to help pass the time in hospital, as well as practical items like cosy socks and antibacterial wipes.

A gift of £10 will help us continue to provide Cancer Kits, that bring practical comfort to adults and children like Tyler during cancer treatment.