Thank you for helping people with cancer

The tools to talk about cancer

Cancer affects one in two people, so we believe it’s vital that businesses and organisations are prepared and able to communicate with employees on their own cancer journey in an empathetic way.

Thanks to your support, Cancer Support UK trainers are bringing insight and understanding to workplaces across the UK and to a wider range of audiences.

Our workshops and courses provide individuals with the tools and strategies to give emotional support to someone affected by cancer. Participants learn about cancer and cancer treatments, the physical and emotional side effects of a diagnosis and treatment, and about how to look after themselves following emotionally draining conversations.

Organisations that have embraced our course include Edinburgh Council, which now provides eLearning to 18,000 of its people, and Mondelez, which now has 100 Workplace Cancer Support Ambassadors for their 5,000 employees in the UK.


If you’d like to find out more about Cancer Support Workplace Training, please click here.