Thumbs up from Mondelēz UK employees
Mondelēz UK employees give Cancer Support Ambassador training a big thumbs up

Cancer Support UK was delighted to receive positive feedback from Mondelēz UK employees who had received Cancer Support Ambassador training.


Finnie in hospital
“Our son’s cancer diagnosis has changed us as a family,” – Finnie’s Kids’ Kit story

Finnie’s cancer diagnosis was the news that no family should ever have to face. He has endured three years of intense and gruelling treatment, as well as separation from his family. “Childhood cancer changes a family forever, but the support of charities like Cancer Support UK, who gave Finnie a Kid’s Kit, have helped to brighten Finnie’s hospital stays,” says his mum Kellie.


The cost of living crisis’ is affecting so many people in different ways
Practical solutions for cancer patients facing emotional and economic challenges – by Mark Guymer

As the cost of living escalates, CEO Mark Guymer believes that it’s more important than ever to support people living beyond cancer, giving them the confidence to take control of their recovery.

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With your help we can be there for adults and children undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer. In 2020 we helped 4,952 people during their cancer journey, and as a small charity who receive no government support, you are a vital part of our work.

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Cancer Coach

At Cancer Support UK, we understand that it’s perfectly normal to be left with anxiety and concerns after treatment. When cancer treatment finally finishes, family and friends often expect cancer patients to feel better, but for many, it’s when they feel worst of all. Our Cancer Coach support groups can help.

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Personal stories and experiences are an important way of raising awareness of the work that we do to support cancer patients both practically and emotionally.

We value your voice in helping let more people know about our services. If you have ordered one of our Cancer Kits or participated in our Cancer Coach programme and would like to share your story publicly, we would love to hear from you.