Cancer Support UK is delighted to be working in partnership with The Wellbeing Project
Cancer Support UK partners with The Wellbeing Project

Cancer Support UK is delighted to announce its new partnership with global wellbeing consultancy The Wellbeing Project , which has been instrumental in creating healthy workplace cultures for over 15 years. With almost one million people of working age diagnosed with cancer, organisations increasingly need to be prepared to support those impacted whether directly or indirectly, the new partnership will tackle increasing numbers of people needing support while facing cancer in the workplace.


Gen had breast cancer and joined Cancer Coach once her treatment had ended
“Cancer Coach was a fantastic experience,” Gen’s story

Following treatment for triple negative breast cancer, Gen was in need of emotional support, which she found in Cancer Coach’s free peer support groups. “I’m a great believer in sharing one’s experiences – it definitely helps to talk to someone who has been through cancer and who therefore understands what you are feeling. “I would definitely recommend Cancer Coach. It was a fantastic experience and confirmed that my feelings were normal. All six of us in the group felt the same way.”


one of the ten most common cancers in the UK
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Learn about the common symptoms of bladder cancer, including blood in the urine, frequent urination, and painful urination. Discover the risk factors for bladder cancer and the various treatment options available

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With your help we can be there for adults and children undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer. In 2020 we helped 4,952 people during their cancer journey, and as a small charity who receive no government support, you are a vital part of our work.

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Cancer Coach

At Cancer Support UK, we understand that it’s perfectly normal to be left with anxiety and concerns after treatment. When cancer treatment finally finishes, family and friends often expect cancer patients to feel better, but for many, it’s when they feel worst of all. Our Cancer Coach support groups can help.

Your story matters and we want to hear it

Personal stories and experiences are an important way of raising awareness of the work that we do to support cancer patients both practically and emotionally.

We value your voice in helping let more people know about our services. If you have ordered one of our Cancer Kits or participated in our Cancer Coach programme and would like to share your story publicly, we would love to hear from you.