Sadly, children like Tiernan, Omarni, Imogen and Esmé will spend this Christmas in a hospital bed, enduring painful cancer treatments.

Instead of enjoying parties, presents and festive celebrations with their loved ones, these children will be feeling poorly, lonely and frightened. And at times like this, only a cuddle from a special teddy will do.

Our warmable Christmas teddies can bring a child comfort when they need it most – and we want to send 1,000 of them to children’s cancer wards across the UK this year. Each teddy costs just £10 to deliver and you can add a special message to the one you help to send.

So will you send a ted to a hospital bed, a give a child with cancer some comfort at Christmas.

“Tiernan loves his Cancer Support UK bear and has named him ‘Cuddles’. He takes the ted to bed with him every night. Cuddles has been a real comfort to him and Tiernan enjoys the bear’s warmth at bedtime.”

How you can help us deliver Christmas Cuddles

This Christmas, there will be children with cancer in hospitals and hospices throughout the country. Going through this ordeal is tough, and can be isolating and upsetting for these vulnerable children. You can reach out to them by giving £10 today. Your donation will help us to send the softest warmable ted straight to their hospital bed, delivering a very special cuddle in time for Christmas. They’ll also be able to read the message in your gift tag – and know how much you care.

Send a ted to a hospital bed this Christmas for just £10.


How will my £10 gift help children with cancer?

Your donation will help us to raise £10,000 to send 1,000 teddies to children receiving treatment for cancer in hospitals across the UK this Christmas. We are aiming to deliver the teds in mid December, just in time for Christmas.

Where will you send the teddies to?

We have reached out to children’s cancer wards and hospices across the UK. With your help we can send out 1,000 teddies in time to provide a Christmas Cuddle.

I need cancer support, can you help me?

Of course. Please take a look at our Cancer Kits and Cancer Coach. These services are available free of charge to cancer patients and people who have completed their treatment.

I’d like to set up a regular gift to help even more children and adults in 2023

Thank you so much! You can set up a monthly gift here. We really appreciate our donors’ support as we are only a small charity and we do not receive any government support.

What if you raise more money than you need?

Our Cuddles for Christmas campaign aims to raise £10,000 to deliver 1,000 warmable teddies to children being treated for cancer in hospital this Christmas. If we’re lucky enough to raise more money than we need, any extra will be used to help fill cancer kits to send out to cancer patients in 2023. We receive no government support and our services are needed more than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you.