Lola’s Story

Lola is four years old and has a brother called Isaac and a sister called Isla Jo. Lola is a smiley little girl and adores her two pet dogs called Molly and Jessie

Lola was diagnosed in May 2022 with a Wilms tumour, after complaining of tummy pains. Her mum, Jodie, took her to the local hospital for a scan and Lola was then referred straight to Newcastle RVI.

The doctors started chemotherapy and then removed the tumour along with her left kidney. Poor little Lola continued treatment, finishing her last round of chemo a week before Christmas.

As Jodie told us: “Lola sadly relapsed just days after her final treatment, so we had to cancel Christmas as Lola was in hospital all over the Christmas period.”

Lola then went through more intensive treatment which included surgery to remove her spleen and part of her bowel. She also had to endure radiotherapy as it had spread to her lymph nodes in her neck.

Lola has now rung her ‘cancer free’ bell in July this year, but sadly there will still be thousands of children in hospital this Christmas undergoing cancer treatment, when they should be home. Lola really loved her Cuddles bear whilst she endured all this treatment.

We want to reach out to 1,200 more children with cancer in the run-up to Christmas, but we need your help.

If you can, give £12 to send a child like Lola a warm Cuddle for Christmas.

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Send a ted to a hospital bed this Christmas for just £12.


How will my £12 gift help children with cancer?

Your donation will help us to send 1,200 teddies to children receiving treatment for cancer in hospitals across the UK this Christmas. We are aiming to deliver the teds by 21st December, just in time for Christmas.

Where will you send the teddies to?

We have reached out to children’s cancer wards and hospices across the UK. With your help we can send out 1,200 teddies in time to provide a Christmas Cuddle.

I need cancer support, can you help me?

Of course. Please take a look at our Cancer Kits and Cancer Coach. These services are available free of charge to cancer patients and people who have completed their treatment.

I’d like to set up a regular gift to help even more children and adults in 2024

Thank you so much! You can set up a monthly gift here. We really appreciate our donors’ support as we are only a small charity and we do not receive any government support.

What if you raise more money than you need?

Our Cuddles for Christmas campaign aims to deliver 1,200 warmable teddies to children being treated for cancer in hospital this Christmas. If we’re lucky enough to raise more money than we need, any extra will be used to help fill cancer kits to send out to cancer patients. We receive no government support and our services are needed more than ever. Thank you.