Sayuri's Story

For a child with cancer, when you’re in and out of hospital, Easter can feel like any other time of year, full of upset and discomfort.

Sayuri was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma, a very rare and aggressive brain tumour, when she was just 16 months old. Now seven, Sayuri has endured more operations and general anaesthesia than most people experience in a lifetime.

Being in a hospital for an operation and recovery is isolating as well as emotionally and physically challenging for adults, so you can imagine how it feels for a little girl. To help her get through these tough times, Sayuri takes a selection of her soft toys to hospital admissions and treatment appointments.

Sayuri has thankfully not had to undergo a major operation for over 16 months, and there’s been no tumour growth since then. But because there remains a risk of further relapse, this brave little girl undergoes an MRI scan under general anaesthesia every three or four months.

With a little support, she attends her local school, where she enjoys learning and seeing her friends. But the activity takes its toll on her energy.

So when she’s home, Sayuri likes to relax by playing computer games and cuddling her teddies, including the special cuddly ted made possible by supporters just like you.

If you can, please reach out to another child like Sayuri so we can send them a warm cuddle.