“We provide techniques that people can take away and try for themselves.” – Dorothy’s Cancer Coach volunteer story

Dorothy is a Cancer Coach volunteer for Cancer Support UK. Her son had cancer and after his treatment, he felt disoriented and lost, despite having a close circle of friends and family. He hadn’t really known where to go for support, and the fact that it was during the UK lockdown didn’t help with this. A friend shared the link to Cancer Support UK with Dorothy.

Cancer Coach is our free support group programme for anyone who has completed their physical cancer treatment. Held over the phone and online video, groups are run by trained facilitators and take place once a week for six weeks.

“The emphasis is very much on providing practical and emotional support through a safe space to connect with others who’ve been through cancer. We provide techniques that people can take away and try for themselves.”

Each week, Dorothy – and Cancer Coach volunteers just like her across the UK – takes her group through a series of exercises designed to help provide the tools, support, and coping strategies that can help with recovery.

“We provide a safe space where people can reflect, open up, share their feelings and build empathy with others. It’s great to see that people can connect with one another.”

Our Cancer Coach support groups would not be possible without our Cancer Coach Facilitator Volunteers, and we are always looking for people who would be interested in supporting people living with and beyond cancer.

If you have previous experience of facilitating groups, delivering training, counselling or coaching and can spare one hour a week to volunteer from home, we would love to hear from you. You can find out more on our Become a Cancer Coach Volunteer page