Esme's Story

For a child with cancer, when you’re in and out of hospital, Christmas can feel like any other time of year, full of upset and discomfort.

For as long as she can remember, this has been reality for Esmé. In November 2018, when she was just a year old, Esmé was diagnosed with Ependymoma II, a cancer based in the tissue of the nervous system.

After continuous bouts of sickness in the morning, an MRI confirmed the terrible news. Esmé was swiftly moved to Addenbrookes, where she had surgery and then began an intensive programme of chemotherapy.

It was when she was spending days and nights in hospital, that Esmé received one of our warmable teddies. According to Wendy, her mum, it put a huge smile on her face.

And we’re pleased to say that Esme has – as of October 2021 – had an MRI which has shown no residual cancer, and no signs of reoccurrence. Go Esme!

If you can, please reach out to another child like Esmé so we can send them a warm cuddle this Christmas.