Isabel’s Story

Isabel, 40 from Hampshire, received chemotherapy for breast cancer and benefited from Cancer Coach.

I felt relatively strong during the roller-coaster of treatment, feeling a sense of being in ‘survival-mode’. There wasn’t really an option to refuse any treatment; just looking at my two little girls of just two and six at the time, all I wanted was to survive cancer so I could see them grow up and mature.

Once I finished treatment, I didn’t expect to find the empty void that I did – and I struggled in so many ways. I was hoping to get back to normal life as before and didn’t expect to face fatigue, extreme mood swings, depression, feelings of being in limbo, losing confidence and not being able to return to work.

After being supported by a counsellor and a support group, I still felt stuck. It was the experience of cancer coaching that started to change things for the better. The practical support from the coaching gave me valuable time to reflect and learn from my cancer experience, to re-value my life and to connect to my personal values. It also restored my confidence and made me feel more in control. By setting goals and action planning I could make a plan for the future again and move forward from my cancer experience. Looking back at my journey I can now say that in a way, my cancer has been a gift in an ugly wrapping paper – as I am now much more positive about life overall.

“It was the experience of Cancer Coach that started to change things for the better.”